Help. new property. top floor. Rain coming in

I live on the top floor of my block and I noticed yesterday that one corner of my bedroom, well the plasterboard is soaking wet from water coming in from either the side wall or the roof.

I called strata and they tried to get in contact with the builder and nothing. I bought about 6 months ago and the builders have yet to resolve my list of "defects complaints" as is.

What are my options here? This is a new building, and I was wondering what the liabilities etc are. I'm thinking I need to get the lawyers involved.

Please advise.
Are the builders still in business?

If so, keep at them. Go in there and demand to speak to boss. Keep nagging strata to do the same and definately get legal advice (perhaps a friendly legal letter) whilst doing the nagging.

If by "called the strata manager" you mean telephoned, then I suggest you put this in writing immediately.

In case of a dispute, you will then have proof of the times, complaint etc. By putting complaints in writing you have the added benefit of the correspondence having to be tabled at the next BC meeting and entered into the official records.
well, written to strata, called and its been a week and I've not heard back from the builders who haven't gone out of business. The guy came by last friday, cut a hole in the plasterboard in my bedroom to look at the wetness/damp/damage and nothing since then.

That said, came home tonight and traces of water leak are coming into my unit from along the internal corridor. This is slight but the fact that its happening. I am just shocked. This is a new building finished maybe 1 year ago? I'm a first home buyer.

I sent an email to strata on the 2nd of June. Its now the 10th.

what's a BC meeting?
Ring up the office of Fair Trading or is it the Department of Fair Trading and ask for some advise/information.