Help Somebody.....

Hi everyone!!! I was hoping you could help me, if thats cool.

A developer has bought the land behind us and has submitted plans to subdivide. The block slopes down toward us and he has threatened a forced easement. The plans i have seen have a holding tank...? at the rear of the property. He has been pretty nasty, you know attempting to divide neigbours, poison trees and all that. What should i do, i have until next friday to lodge any type of objection.( what types are there)........ cheers

thx heaps
What type of "forced easement" can he threaten? Sounds funny, but who knows what he can do.

You need to take legal advice I would suggest. With a neighbour/fence problem we had recently, we went along to the free legal advice evenings held in Brisbane.

We had confirmed that due to the course of action the neighbour had taken, we are not bound to pay any of the cost of a new fence (but will honour our offer to pay half the standard fence of the area).

Perhaps see if you can see someone for free, or buy an hour's worth of time with a solicitor who deals with this type of thing to see how things stand.
It will be well worth spending a few $$$ to ensure your property value is protected.

As Wylie said, see a solicitor experienced in property matters, or even a town planner who knows all the rules and regulations and will assist you with your objection.

It would not hurt to contact your local council member as well.
I didn't think it was possible for someone to force you to put an easement through your property for their own sake? From my understanding, you have to consent to this for it to legally happen. Let us know how you go.