Help understanding commercial loan

Any chance you know what happened to this BBSW rate during the GFC (2008-2009). This is on a remote chance something happens to the world economy and contagion occurs (e.g. Grexit).

See the attached. Note when you open it the data series is backwards (that is most recent date on the left - moving backwards historically to the right). Sorry - I couldn't be arsed playing with it any more.

Note that this is the 30day BBSW rate. The BBSY rate is usually the BBSW+.05% Thought some banks (notable St George) often skim a bit more off that.

I also reserve the right to say these rates may not be 100% correct - but will give you an decent indication.



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Thanks Blacky. Geez, it would have been horror to be paying 10% interest (bbsy + margin) during the GFC when normal rates were half of that and the global economy was going down the gurgler.