Help with a section 32

Hi All,

- Sold our house
- Settlement on 18th of June
- Sale is unconditional

Now, when the solicator was doing the section 32 for us, she asked if i had any info for her, i said yes, i have the section 32 from when we bought the place, 18months ago, she saod great, i will be able to use that, so i assumed :rolleyes: she would read it and use what she needed.

So when we bought the place 18 months ago, there was a "building permit" in the section 32 for the works they did 12 months prior.

So i gave the section 32 to the solicator to "copy" for the new section 32 to sell the place. We have just found out that she hasn't put the building permit into the new section 32

Does it need to be in there, since it is from two owners ago???

Thanks for any help