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From: Mark Laszczuk

Hey guys, need some advice. A few weeks ago, a guy from our real estate agent came round to put in some deadlocks on our doors (at the landlords insistence, not ours, how cool is that!). Anyway, while drilling some holes, he put a crack in the wall, which he puttied up, but didn't paint over. So we thought we'd go see the P.M. and tell her about it so we didn't get the blame. Finally managed to catch up with her yesterday, she said she would make a note of it in her diary. Well, that's not good enough for us. So how do we go about having it formally noted so that the blame is not put on us when it comes time for the inspection?

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From: KJL .

Hi Mark

We had a similar problem when we rented.

We wrote to the Property Manager several times noting the damage and asked for damage to be repaired (in fact it never was, but it didn't bother us, being only minor damage to paintwork, but which would have been expensive to pay to get someone in to fix up). We included this notification and request in two of our monthly letters sending them our rent cheque, so the PM couldn't deny they'd got it.

The letters also said we'd reserve our right to present the letters to the Tenants Tribunal if necessary - ie if we were blamed or held responsible and a deduction made form our bond.

We kept hard copies of the letters, and referred to them and enclosed photocopies of them when we eventually gave notice to quit and buy our PPOR.

It wasn't a problem for us, and we got all the money back from the PM, who gave the 'all clear' for the bond to be returned to us. You might think we went over the top - but there's no harm in covering yourself from unnecessary loss.

In your case, the PM noting in a diary doesn't really seem satisfactory - what if the diary's lost or the PM is run over by a truck?

Just some ideas.
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From: PT Bear


Just make sure you make your notification to the managing agent in writing and keep a copy of the letter for yourself. If you really want to go over the top, send it via registered mail.

This just sets up evidence of trying to do the right thing, which will get you over the line at a hearing. Chances are it'll never go that far anyway.


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From: Mark Laszczuk

Thanks peoples,
We will be sending a letter to the PM. Also, we'll hold on to one for the landlord, she comes around fairly often to do some gardening and stuff. She's a really nice person, doesn't intrude or violate our rights as tenants. So next time she's 'round we'll point it out to her and make sure she gets a copy of the letter also. No such thing as covering your arse TOO MUCH, is there?
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