Help with Rural IP!

Hi all,

We are looking at building a house on some land we have in rural Melbourne (10 acres). The IP will be aimed at holiday accommodation. We have not decided on whether we get a builder in to start building from scratch or purchasing a kit home and then getting a builder to assemble. The project will require quite a lot of infrastructure to be setup including – water tanks, septic tanks, power from road, phone from road, land scaping, soli engineers, tree felling… the list goes on!

How question is:

Should be engage an architect to manage all the infrastructure requirements (even though he/she might not design the house) or is there another professional who provides this service?

Factors for us include time and of course price!!

Plus!! If anyone else has been in this situation (building on rural land etc…) please send or post us your experiences!!


Check out the Better Homes and Gardens site on the web. Last night on the TV show they had a couple who had just finished their house on a rural block somewhere. It seems the wife left work and project managed the building process and saved them about $70k by doing so. If they have some info on the website it may be of help. Cool house too.

A registered 'local' builder is usually employed to manage contractors and get council approvals sorted out. They will know of any quirky council requirements and ways of getting things done.