From: Sue Stinchcombe

Hi, my name is Sue, my husband and I are currently trying to purchase our first IP. We have attended a seminar run by Philco- has anybody had any positive or negative experiences with them?
They suggested we purchase in Brisbane, we think this is a bit dodgy and after spending some time reading old PI forum letters I'm glad we've decided to look at Melb instead. Is this the right decision?
What areas of Melb should we look at?
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From: Jack Moro

hi sue,
I have had a similar experience.
I suggest you
Continue to educate yourself in this area (property investment)so you dont need the services of this type of consultancy.

The South East of Queensland has had good Capital gains, research this independently please, but you surely will be better off doing for yourself just learn what you ned to and buy where you best decide.
And if you dont feel comfortable with Queensland dont buy there unless you have connections with a Queensland property developers. huh ?????????

Have you read Jans books?? "No" !!
Do this now

P.S Try to avoid naming companys on the forum

All the best
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