here 'tis

Fantastic Reno Lizzie.

I love the colour that you have used (What is that colour by the way?).

The stained galss windows look fabulous and the kitchen adds a new dimension.

Great work and congratulations on all your work.
colour is beige royale (dulux), but looks like a cool beige/warm grey and changes with the light. very neutral and goes with everything.

only went live tonight and apparently agent already has a dozen emails and phone calls.
Looks beautiful Lizzie. Great work and superb presentation.

Did you get a professional photographer?

All the best for a rewarding outcome with the sale.
Very nice lizzie. It will be interesting to see what kind of offers you get. High $7's or early $8's in my guess (not that you were asking :)). All the best with the sale.
High $7's or early $8's in my guess (not that you were asking :)).

about what the agent's caravan reckon too. we're hoping with no stock, and lots of buyer competition in the area, that we'll get at least 3 groups thru that love it and a bidding war starts! obviously want more than 3 groups for the open tho - haha. agent rang at 8pm to say he'd had a dozen phone and email enquiries only, and it had only gone live that evening.
It looks lovely Lizzie. I need to go back to your thread now and see the before photos. I LOVE before and after photos, and even cannot believe the difference that can be made with some paint and elbow grease, even when I have been the one supplying the elbow grease.

LOVE the way you have carried the back deck further into the yard.

I was rather chuffed to see my handy work in one of the photos :D.
original window. genuine stained glass. look beautiful - bugger to clean, especially where the previous builder had got paint on them.