Heres a question for the serious investors here....

Has anyone ever been dealt with a demolition order, and did you save the property from council.

How hard did they push you? and what did they require you to do to rectify the dwelling.

And did you successfully save it.

Ok, This is not for any illegal dwellings or grannyflats or carports. Saving a delapidated house.

Just after success stories from those who have come through the other side.

Will disclose in 168 hours the whole scenario with all pics etc.
I've researched a couple of these and the problem is that the council wants them to comply with all current standards. This will usually mean new electricals, plumbing, insulation etc and brought up to energy ratings.

There can be other issues such as complying with minimum clearance under bearers and ceiling heights too low.

It would probably be quicker and cheaper to wipe the block clean and either move a house (which would still have to meet the standards) or build new.
With some partners back in the late 80's I bought a commercial property at a fire sale price. Well below it's true market value.
The catch? It had a mezzanine floor built inside out of various pieces of steel I beam etc. No engineering sign off, no design specs etc.
Council had ordered it to be demolished.
The guy who owned the building built the mezzanine without approval.
Because it was built from such heavy duty material and so well constructed, the cost of demolition and removal made purchasing the building a very marginal proposition.
To cut a long story short, I dealt with the council and tried to work on alternatives to demolition. The owner was a rude, arrogant &%$ck. The council really had it in for him due to his attitude.
I was bale to identify their concerns with the mezzanine and proceeded to work toward an approval for it.
Structural engineer OK'd it.
Slapped some floor grade board on it to replace the sheeting that covered it.
Built a pool fence around the perimeter to meet the enclosure standard.
Moved the fire hose to the appropriate location to meet fire regs.
Made an effort to find out what the councils objections really were and worked with them, not against them.
Fighting them often doesn't seem to bring about a positive outcome.
OK, so it's not a story about saving a house, but the internal structure of a building.
The same concepts apply, though. Anyone who has read "Getting to Yes" (the best book on negotiation I've ever read) will understand where I'm coming from.
Excellent first half of the story Rob.

What happened thereafter ??

1. Did you eventually receive council approval.
2. Did you then Lease it out or on-sell it.
3. Was it all worth it, headache and time vs added value ??
Excellent first half of the story Rob.

What happened thereafter ??

1. Did you eventually receive council approval.
2. Did you then Lease it out or on-sell it.
3. Was it all worth it, headache and time vs added value ??

1. Yes.
2. Leased. Turned the area under the mezzanine into offices and the rest remained a wharehouse.
3. It was very much worth it.

The rest of the story ... well the other partners owned the company I worked for and I made a decision to move from accounting to IT. At the time, rates were quite high, business and property values weren't too good (lots of for lease signs out there) and I wanted to move on without being tied to the former partners. So, they bought out my share.
They were interesting times, indeed.
We financed with State Bank. Our area manager was personal friends with Tim Marcus-Clark and money just flowed.
Then it didn't. The rest is history.
Thanks guys for feedback.

The property is a brick construction and ex DOH stock, however just been vandalised throughout. It just needs a normal reno and would meet all normal regs one would immagine. However if I have to reapply for construction that will mean meeting new recucable water, and insulation requirements. And this aint an area where you can leave a house vacant for 24 hours. LOL
Nath, ok , this is how i would deal with it in canberra, i would get my certifier in , to assess the structual integ of the building , then see what he said about it, if the iteg was ok , and the desighn and siting was good too,
the first thing would be to get some fences around the place , then concil would see that the effort has been done to reduce any safty risks , then go through with the certifier and do the plumbing and electrical + insulation as required with all homes , then fit it out, i am sure it could be saved , speak to an inspector first and tell them your intentions, they should help you , even if its to give you more time.;)
As per Rob's example, in this scenario you need to approach council with the attitude of "tell me what I need to do to get it rectified".
It may help if you know a local surveyor or architect who (for a fee perhaps) may talk to the council on your behalf and talk their lingo and hopefully offer cheaper solutions that satisfy council requirements.
If it's way out in a regional area it may be a little harder thou.
If it's way out in a regional area it may be a little harder thou.

Or easier,

In smaller areas people know each other so if you're employing their mate cousin etc to sort things out they are less likely to cause you problems.

I'd approach the council and ask them for advice and for any recommended professionals
Nathan, just thinking laterally here.

In Brissy, there are DCP precincts (demolition control) to preserve character.
Everyone freaks about these, but there's a workaround.....if you get a structural engineer to certify the place can't be restored cost effectively, then you can demolish.

ANyway, presume if you can apply the same logic in reverse, you'd have a chance.

As for your project, by now I presume you have your own skips and temporary fencing.....and lease out to others when you don't need it.
Have you thought about buying a caravan and paying your laborers or a pensioner to inhabit it on site when renos are going on....should all be tax deds. probably cheaper than feeding a mad dog.
thanks Guys For Feedback.

The Property Is A Brick Construction And Ex Doh Stock, However Just Been Vandalised Throughout. It Just Needs A Normal Reno And Would Meet All Normal Regs One Would Immagine. However If I Have To Reapply For Construction That Will Mean Meeting New Recucable Water, And Insulation Requirements. And This Aint An Area Where You Can Leave A House Vacant For 24 Hours. Lol

Bidwill, 2770???
I was looking at one to buy in that area that was of similar description. Even the temp fencing got stolen and vandalised, you may know it.