Hervey Bay - PM Recommendations?

We're remote landlords with an IP in Hervey Bay. Looking for a new PM.

Any recommendations from the Forum?

Hi 1Putt,
We have had an investment property at Torquay, Hervey Bay since 1996 and have had it managed by Raine & Horne at Scarness. Debbie C and Michelle W are the property managers who look after it. They are on the ball and are extremely easy to work with. No request seems to be a hassle to them. They communicate and attend to things as soon as is possible. And they take an attitude of responsibility for your property. I have found that they give 110%.
Frizzle :)
I am currently in the process of searching for a PM in Hervey Bay as well. I have been told that Wide Bay Prestige Properties are quite good, they are based out of Maryborough though.
Does anyone here use them (or any other PM's in the area), and if so what are their thoughts.
From a statistics point of view - Elders (Lisa runs that team) has the lowest vacancy rates and is one of the few agencies that advertises in the local paper as well as on the internet.

p.s. I would always go for an agent that is nearby cause if something goes wrong you want them to be close and also they are than more likely to drive by the property and see everything looks ok.

Wishing you every success, Ana