hi guys , !

hi guys i had an unusual day today, it started with rushing aroung cleaning up the yards , then we rushed to my daughters cub x-mas party, and it ended with me recovering a dead body from lake Burley griffen,
It was'nt one of the group, but i kept diving and felt the body with my feet, very out of breath, about five of us treading water and diving for about 10 mins, lost my mobile phone too! the guy left two kids and a daughter, and his wife , they immagrated from Zimbabwe, never done this type of stuff before , so i am not likly to know how i will feel later, any ways how was other week end, :confused:
Mate, that's a shocker. :( Hope you have a support network that can help you. Good to know that there are people like you out there willing to assist someone in need.
Actually i am hoping that some of that support network can replace my phone, third one this year, But realy! sad for the family,
Ohmigosh! I'm just reading about that on news.com.au in another window right now. I see they think it's suspicious. :(

How did you come to be in Lake Burley Griffin, such that you had the opportunity to find a body in it?
we had my daughters x-mass party there , she is in the weston scouts group, all was well and then the wife screamed for assistance, i droped my shirt, wallet , and went in first, i called for help and five of us searched for about 9 min's , i hald on to the life bouy and droped my legs down to search the floor of the lake , i did this for the time we were all, their, i felt a soft abject under my feet and called to the others that i found him, they came and assisted with draging him up and they swam him sort of to shore, still in wet pants and having a glass of wine now, i always wondered how i would perform under such circumstances , and now i know,
Thats shocking. At least you know that you got into action straight away, I think it's something alot of people wonder how they would go under those sort of circumstances! Even though the outcome was tradgic, you should know you did everything you could!
i came across a dead body once - well i dind't come across it. in fact, some guy ploughed head first into a truck about 1km in front of me and i just happen to be the first person on the scene.

this was way before mobile phones were ever around and i was driving on a country road. i was the first to puill up, the guy in the car died straight away and teh guy in the truck was beat up and not in a good position. luckily for me, another truck pulled up after me, and the driver of that truck got onto his radio and reported it in. Ambos arrived about 20 minutes later.

more cars had pulled up betwen then but i was also badly shaken up.

Seeing something like that, or coming across a dead body by accident (that has just occured) really does give one some perspective in life.

Craig - chill out if you can tongiht, draw a long deep bath and just soak it in. At least you are on home turf as when i saw this accident, i was on a country road about 100km from my home (and i still had to drive back home)....

Oh wow, it really will keep your brain ticking over about it for awhile. Once your heart rate returns to normal and you get to think it over.

Seeing it in 'real life' is so different to watching it on TV, movies etc. That's why drink drivers really should do 'time' helping in emergency IMHO.

I feel for the family, so sad.
buggar your phone its replaceable by 100000s ...

a life isn,t .

well done craig for showing and sharing great human spirit.

I hope you will be ok and not have too many after shocks.

I hope the victims family have many people around them for support. They will need it with lots of love and then it wont be enough.:(

You take care of yourself and enjoy a few big hugs too.
holy carp!

not good. Make sure you go get some counselling - not sure where would be available but surely would be something around. Are the kids ok? (the scouts - realise no way would the deceased kids be ok)
it was on my mind heaps this morning , i was not all there, but as the day came to an end its all good , i thioght about what i did and i could not have given more, so my concience rests well, and another phone from cash converters, $160 bucks ,
cheers craig, :eek:
yeah - i find my mind races if i realise there was more i could do.

if you did your all, it's more than most people can ask for.

they got the body back immediately, not 4 days later with clearance divers - which will help the family greive.

it's sh*t like this that makes you want a bottle of gin and a quiet corner near the fire.
Good onya Craig.
I am glad you have some peace and you are not driving yourself mad with the "what if,s".
One day l am sure the family would like to meet you to say thanks.

Stay away from the gin its makes even the toughest cry.

take good care