Historical Data


Can anyone suggest a good place to find Long-Term (5/10yrs) Growth Trends/Rates per Suburb listings?

Thanks in advance!
hey y-man, to get 10 year data from that site would you need to buy 10 reports or it's included in the 2008 one?
If you would like paper photocopies of Victorian median house prices 1994-2005, I am happy to snail mail them off to an address that would reach you, PM me (an address) if you decide you want them.

It is an informative amount of data and comments, article is called "Shifting Values" (figures from Victorian Valuer-General), by Andrea Moss. (Heraldsun paper). Also, top performing metro suburbs.

Special comments by Bernard Salt, Richard Wakelin and Rob Burgess.

Would compliment the other data the others have suggested, and it is no charge, apart from a ride in that helicopter of yours.

It cannot predict the future but it is interesting stats to have of historical growth patterns.

It is just 3 pages (Heraldsun size), and I'm not able to post up the copies after I enquired through Valuer-General Office. Fair enough.

If anyone else wants copies holler through PM.