Holiday Rentals



From: Samuel Riley

If you live in a major tourist/holiday area like I do (Leura, Blue Mountains) would it be better to consider holiday rentals? obviously it is not as secure income stream as a signed tenancy.
but rent is higher on a week/per week basis.

what are the tax advantages (if any)

Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area of investment??


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From: Keith J


I too live in BM and have several friends who consistently fail to make money with holiday rentals in Katoomba/Leura. Permanent letting provides a more consistent income, but in BM it's v. hard to find anything even approaching +ve c/f. Vacancies rates for holiday letting are v. high around here.

Also, talking to valuers growth seems to have slowed considerably in upper BM.

On a +ve note renos may be the go - there's lots of crap houses around with potential.

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From: Samuel Riley

Thanks I am currently purchasing a 2 bedroom unit in Katoomba street. (where the State Bank is) This is for reno as I also agree with you that this is the best investment opportunity in the upper BM at the present time.
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