Holly boredom batman!!! Exciting pubs/clubs in Sydney???

I picked up some weekend door work in Sydney cause I thought it would be exciting, but it is the most boring security work I've ever done. I'm standing on the door of a pub in Chinatown, had about 5 people come in all night... There's not even a pretty bar maid here to look at.

What are the most popular/exciting venues in Sydney on a Fri + Sat night? I need a little excitement and some action!
define 'exciting'
a) you want somewhere where you get to see all of the pretty people
b) you want to be working your a*se off where every 2nd person wants a piece of you and you don't know who is carrying a blade.
Hey Bon,

Not sure of your age, but guessing mid twenties?

You're up the wrong end of town.

Try Darling Harbour - there are loads of bars etc.

Or The Establishment near The Rocks- and then if you want to really party head down stairs to the niteclub (if you don't mind queues!).

If you prefer the pub scene then go to The Rocks. Pub galore. Paddington also has a few good pubs...

If you want something trendy and a bit more upmarket then try Oxford Street - Kinselas or if you like girls dancing on podiums and the odd Police Raid try DCM's. (Might have changed it's name since the last raid!)

Regards JO
Club with only a few patrons ... Security presence ...
the man from U.N.C.L.E. ?
the secret headquarters of KAOS ?
a cook op in the basement?
"In news tonight, Sydney Police expressed their grattitude to Security Guard Bon today, for his timely discovery of a plot to ?dunno? begun from a secretive inner city nightspot ..."​
Its obvious:-:-: I'm not doing much right now, its still Sunday, minus 12[sup]0[/sup]C, 4:30pm and getting dark