HomePath mortgages

From: Simon .

I tried to chase the 5.15% zero est fees product online at www.homepath.com.au.

They promise to call the following day. After a few days I called them and they asked me if I could change my settlement to ten weeks as they had a big backlog of applications.

Just a warning to those considering them to allow plenty of time.

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From: Ayesha Todd

We settled on our Hompath mortgage and to anyone waiting on settlement with them, try and change ship, they are nothing but trouble. After having to call them EVERYDAY to make sure things would happen on their extended settlement date was not worth the stress; and when you do settle and send them the documents they require (repayment advice is our current problem) they send you a letter less than a week before the first repayment is due saying that you haven't organised anything to repay the loan, a quick call to them finds out they have miss placed it and want you to send a new letter out to them as it is too difficult for them to either find the lost one or send out a new form, you can imagine my reply.
My advice, shy away from Homepath, they may have a good rate but it doesn't factor in the stress level.
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Ayesha

If its any consolation it doesnt matter wether you pay 5.15 % or 6.07 % the lenders STILL lose 3 % of your paperwork.


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