Host of Foxtels "To Buy or Not to Buy" Died

omg just found out the man who hosts the show To buy or not to buy has just died


msn news

I quite liked that show. Thought he was a good presenter. :(
I was watching one of his shows as I went to sleep last night... what a shame. And what a way to go... I wouldnt like to be remembered going out like that.
Same death as Michael Hutchence.

So, a solo sex game went wrong. He died by accidentally suffocated while depriving himself of oxygen for a thrill.

I'm just trying to imagine what this bloke and Michael Hutchence were doing but I don't seem to be able to work it out. No, nothing, Any clues..??? We are a bit slow to catch onto the latest trends and such stuff out in the sticks.

See ya's.