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From: Sergey Golovin

Hi folks,

I would like to ask about Hot Water Systems.

Some one at work mentioned that he just installed Instant Hot Water Heater (gas I think?) and was very happy with it.

You know those once that do not hold hot water in reservoir (tank) but heat it up as it is required (as soon as you turned it on)?

They seem to be not very common in Australia (and bit expensive as well) or may be it is only in NSW?

Central hot water system is not common either. Probably no need for it anyway.

Solo system is quite expensive and again it is more like state of the art.

I have seen somewhere in Science magazine few years back article about energy saving, etc. What they do is collecting heat from hot shower water, which you just used to wash yourself and utilising it for general heating of your own place.

Well, it is bit too much for Australia, but question is always there - how to reduce energy bill.

Does anyone have those instant hot water systems installed on their properties. And if you do, how did you find it is it worth to have it from money, every day use (washing/bathing), and service (maintenance) wise?

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From: G V


In singapore most of the houses have instant hot water system(heating element is installed in the shower itself). the reason being temperature is always around 30 degree celsius even in winter and monsoon(i lived in singapore for a year). i am not sure that it will work very well in sydney because temperature do go down in winter. instant hot water system works well for a tropical climate. at one stage we were also planning to install but didn't go ahead for the above reason. anyhow it is my view.

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From: Jude H

Hi Serge,

We have instant hot water on two of our properties. Personally, I think they're great, you never run out of hot water. However, the wind can blow the pilot light out which can be a bit of a mystery to some tenants. One called the plumber in to relight it. No, we didn't pay for that, expensive lesson for tenant.


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From: Peter Martin

One thing I've found with the gas instant HWS is that they suck an enormous amount of gas when you turn the tap on - often to the detriment of anything else in your house that runs off gas.

You'll also find that you'll probably need a higher capacity pipe installed from your gas meter if you use one of these things, due to the large amount of gas they require in a short burst.

Having said that, they're definitely cheaper to run than a conventional HWS.

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From: Rick Rose

Hi Serge- From our experience to install an instant hws properly as a previous writer suggested you need to get a new gas mater to make sure the supply is there for all your other gas appliances. Also if you choose a Rinni then you have no issue with pilot lights as they are electronic. To the point it cost about an extra $300 on install and for a 24litre per hour unit about an extra $200 on a normal hws but wel worth it. No running out of hot water and reliable and economical as anything l have ever seen. do it and you will not regret it....
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From: Sergey Golovin

Thanks everyone.

We did yacht race in Europe and had stop over in Holland, 12 years or something back.

We used to go and wash our selves on the wharf in those "Porto Loos". In this case it wasn't “Porto Loo”, but similar looking one "Porto Washer/Shower" or something.

Put coin into the slot and off you go.

I suspect they were electric and it is true no shortage of hot water. I think coin was there not as payment but just to start the machine produce hot water.

The yacht club probably copped the rest of the bill.

Anyway thanks again everyone.

We just moved into new place and hot water tank has increased from 75 to 325 Litres. It's great and we even have an option to heat it up off peak hours (night time).

But I have to honest with you, I am feeling bit nervous every time I open mailbox.
Looking for that Electricity bill all the time...Have not got one yet, but it will be here shortly.

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From: Glenn **


I believe with the Rinnai model you also require AC mains power to the unit as well as the gas. This is to power the electronics.

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From: Cathy Baxter

Hi we have Bosch models installed in 3 of our units in caravan park. They don't have a pilot light and don't need mains power as they are battery operated - always have a spare on hand. Hot water is instant and we don't have the cost of running pilot light while unoccupied. Because of the cold climate we are in we paid an extra $50 for a special valve to stop the water inlet pipe from freezing which can ruin your whole system. Cost pre GST $800 + $50 for valve. Good for 3- 4 people occupancy.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Battery operated hot water system?


It is different. What sort of batteries is there?

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From: See Change

We have had rinnea infinity systems at last two houses. Once you've had one you won't go back. Now every one can have a long hot shower and not get into trouble when hot water runs out . Haven't compared costs... but I like my showers .. and so does everyone else in family.

Highly recommended.

see change ( of the shower )
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From: Cathy Baxter

The battery is for ignition to replace a permanent pilot light. The water is heated by gas.

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