hotspots of Brisbane



From: Anonymous

I am interested in buying in Brisbane

I dont want to get burnt by the marketers

Can anyone suggest areas that I should explore to get good cap gain and cashflow

Please Help
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From: Robert Forward

Hi Jessie.

I'm not going to list HOT SPOTS directly cause I think everyone believes they have there own little hot spot that suits their investing style. But what I'd suggest is jumping on a flight upto Brisbane and hire a car for a few days and do some leg work.

Organise parts of it before hand by calling RE Agents so this way you'll have appointments and a coarse of action whilst you are there. And try and see as much as possible whilst you are there. You may not buy anything but you'll sure come away with some good grounding knowledge.


The Sydney "Freestylers" Group Leader.
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From: Danny Dwyer


Check today's (Saturday) Brisbane Courier Mail (page 17) for a small story on rental matters in Brisbane.
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From: Stirling Reid

can you give us the outline of the article as it does not appear on my internet version of the couriermail.

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