any good?

Have come across which offers information on locations that may have some potential for real estate investment. The key information is in the form of reports and they are at a cost.
Has anyone accessed the premium information? Is it worth it? Do they suit certain investor segments? Is most of the information freely available elsewhere, but just need to do some research?

Credit where credit is due and these reports are pretty much spot on, the only problem is by the time you can buy them the horse has already bolted you will pick up some growth but what I have found ( I have never bought one) but you get the thread/list pretty quickly on this site, you will see that a majority of the growth has already occured. Once I was involved with the a bank and they set up 50+ branches in one year and just about every one of the hotspotting reports locations were in the same locations as there branches. My theory is find someone on the inside of a bank or a large retailer and see where they are planning on putting there outlets. They have a lot more to loose if the get it wrong then you and me and so you will find they have teams of people scouting the country to find the next location.

Also very rarely ( the exception for Melb over the last couple of years is Footscray and its vacinity suburbs) pick locations that are within 10km of CBD.

Is most of the information freely available elsewhere, but just need to do some research?

YES. How do you think Mr Ryder comes up with his reports to sell to you? :p
He makes a living out of his research.....and by the way, he does not get it right 100% of the time - so just spending $300-400 on a premium report does not guarantee you anything, but there would be worse places to start I suppose.
Jezza - tks - but surely banks would be setting up in areas where there are people needing their services - not just areas that have fabulous growth in real estate value?
If you're looking for data around rental yields, growth in last quarter/twelve months/5 years/10 years, buy the latest copy of Australian Property Investor magazine - they have this data (divided into states, suburbs, houses and units) at the back of every edition. It's a great resource and one of the first places I look when I get my API in the mail, it always interests me to see the stats!

One way to look at this data is (for example) look at the rental yields, then see how far the highest yielding suburbs are from the CBD - this way you can identify high yielding suburbs that may well be good value for money, purchase price-wise. This is a handy strategy if you're looking for a neutral or positively geared investment.
I hope im not wondering to for off track here but while were speaking of various ways to find the next potential IP I was reading a thread a few months back and and someone suggested a site with a good search engine for finding specific propertys such as Corner blocks, fire damage ect, I think it was a site that you had to subscribe too,

Dose anyone know what site this is.

Pretty sure the site is

You can put key words into the search : Fire damage, offers, etc