house awaiting demolition needed for art project

Hi there,
im an artist based in Melbourne looking for a house scheduled for demolition.
A sculptural project would be undertaken in the house prior to its demolition.
If anyone would like more information, please contact me.
here is my blog to see examples of previous work:

Does it need to be demolished or just so crap noone will ever want to live in it again?

There's a lot of ruins (ranging from ancient to recently burnt) in my old town that you could go nuts on, just have to stick up a flyer in the general store and you'd probably get a lot of bites (especially if you are throwing in a fifty or a carton of beer).

I'd imagine the same would apply to a lot of small shrinking towns in any state.

FYI, there's some ruins in the forest near here that artists have carved designs into the walls of, and they are on the 'sculpture walk'. Very pretty and a good use for old solid plastering :)