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From: Paul Mahony

A friend intends building on their existing north-facing block in Melbourne. The configuration has the living area and kitchen on one side, and the bedrooms on the other. They cannot face the living area and kitchen north, so they have to decide whether to face them east or west. I suggested west, for the following reasons:

- Bedrooms facing west in summer would bake at the wrong time of day. Better to keep them cool later in the day. Blinds can keep the morning sun out.

- The living area and kitchen could do with the afternoon sun in winter. Adequate blinds could keep them bright in summer, whilst screening out the intense heat.

I was wondering if there are any other thoughts on this.

Cheers, Paul
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From: Kevin Frey

My first thought is that perhaps the house is not a good fit to the block orientation, if solar efficiency is an issue.

I'd be wary of facing a kitchen west, since cooking in a kitchen facing west on a summer's day will be unbearable.

Consider predominant breezes etc in the placement of the rooms.

Bedrooms facing west may get hot during the day, but I certainly don't spend much time in my bedroom of a day!

But if there is a good west-east breeze of a night, this can help cool hot rooms down anyway.
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From: Ross Sondergeld

Hi Everybody...

House Configuration ?

I also recommend that a house be designed to suit the block. And it's always
good to get an expert third party opinion from a home designer and/or
architect. A few hundred bucks for a draft plan will make you $$$$$$$$$$$$.

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