house for a week in Glenelge SA

Hi All
[I really hope l spelt Glenelge right:eek:]

Anyway we are looking for a house to rent in this area for a week in June
23rd till approx 30th. need to sleep 6 or 7 adults must be walking distance to public transport.

Any suggestions will be gratefully apreciated.
Definatley not hoping for a hand out. If l was, l would be quite happy to offer my home as a fair swap. Not ready for that yet, in the future, yes.
Just thought a SS er might have a holiday rental or know of one. I will check out your link wobby , thank you very kindly.
I have only just realised how much cheaper it can be to rent a house for a week compared to an apartment or hotel.
I have requested a couple of quotes for homes listed on the web so will wait and see.

ps how come you got 2 E,s in your Glenelg if there is only one?:confused:
Hi yadreamin,

I didn't intend to insinuate you were looking for a handout! :eek: Understand you may as well rent from someone here than a complete stranger.

That link might be helpful if you get no takers...
Hi yadreamin

Why not use the same search engines you previously used for your stay in Carlton (?) last year?

The wotif and lastminute and stayz engines carry bookings for many types of accommodation and are great for finding particular types of accommodation in specific areas

I have only just realised how much cheaper it can be to rent a house for a week compared to an apartment or hotel.


A 4 bedroom house renting for $ 420 p.w. costs $ 15 per room per night.

Hotels start at about $ 150 per room per night and go up from there.

It's only a little zero. I guess the owners of both types of properties are happy, and that's the main thing. :)
We rented a holiday house in Dromana for a couple of nights last year for our son's wedding - we housed 10 members of our extended family ranging from 84 year old grandpa to three children under 4.

We paid $700 for 2 nights, but it worked out cheaper than motels and we all got to stay together and had the benefit of a large lounge room and big kitchen/dining room. Added bonus was that there was room for our son and the groomsmen to come and get ready for the wedding with us all.

Absolute chaos but wonderful memories!!

We found it on in the holiday rentals section.