Housing Outlook 2009 (SYD, MEL, BNE)

Hey Guys,

I stumbled across this Seminar whilst researching LMI.

The seminar is being presented by Ian Graham, CEO of QBE LMI and Rob Mellor, Managing Director of BIS Shrapnel Ltd.

I believe its free, so if anybody is interested the link is below.


I'll be attending the Melbourne seminar, so if anybody is going and wants to meetup, let me know! :D
i bet you, they will be sending up the great opertunities, coming around, and then after the seminar they will be selling money, :rolleyes:
A Lender's Mortgage Insurance Company doing seminars now?

Business must be slow.

Or, competition is getting fierce, and they are looking to increase their market share.

This would make sense given the Banks have dropped their LVR quals, and tightened their strings.

There would be a lot more loans around now needing LMI to get over the line I reckon.

Would it be a surprise if the banks started to buy up these companies in the near future? That'd be a good time to get some shares.

Let us know how the seminar goes - a genuine community service, or badly disguised sales pitch.