How congested is the M1 traffic Kuraby to Brissy ?

I use Centenary Hwy & Moggill Rd everyday, the traffic is bumper to bumper. I think investment properties with easy access to the city can only be more desirable in future with thousands of people moving to the S.E. Been looking areas such as Holland Park, Runcorn etc with easy access to M1. Just not quite sure how the peak traffic is like, and if the express buses along M1 going to the city any good. Save me having to jump into a chopper, would appreciate experience from M1 users.
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We live in Coorparoo (next door to Holland Park) and hubby gets an express bus at the top of our street which then gets on the busway. It takes only about 15 minutes to the city.

The busway picks up further out, and there is a pick up at Holland Park (and others further out) and they would have a good run too I imagine, but I'm not sure how far out the separate busway runs. Transinfo would be worth a call, as they would be able to tell you times and more detail.

If I have driven him to work at peak time, it would take maybe up to 30 minutes in very heavy traffic but not often would it take that long. We are only getting on the freeway at Cornwall/Juliette Street, so we only catch the last bit of congestion before it hits the city. Non-peak trips to get to the city take only six or eight minutes, so we do avoid peak time.

Someone else who travels in from further out will hopefully help you with that question, but Holland Park and surrounding areas are a very quick trip, especially if you can pick up an express bus that gets onto the busway.
Do you mean M3?

My sis lives at Holland Park west and was housesitting at Eight Mile Plains and she said it was quicker (driving-needs car for her job) to get to city from Eight Mile Plains.
i started going to the city by car every morning, cause my partner drives through it on the way to her work

if we leave home at 8.30 (Upper Mt Gravatt/Mansfield), we are in CBD before 9.00. exception is when there is an accident on the highway.

If i take 170 bus, it's usually in the CBD in half an hour as well
I asked a friend who lives at or nearby and this is her reply..... she works in the city.

Travelling from Kuraby?

I think the best way to get to the city from Kuraby during the peak hours is probably by Bus. Don't catch the local Logan Bus which takes you to the Busway at Eight mile Plains as it runs very infrequently, unless you have no option. It is better to drive to Eight Mile Plains and catch a bus.
During peak hours they run every few minutes and you can catch them to
different parts of the city depending of where you work. (i.e. Myer
Centre, Elizabeth St, George and Margaret Sts or King George Sq Bus Station.

The train is also another option, but as it stops all stations it can take
40-50 minutes from Kuraby to Central and then a walk to work. For me
working in George St that's 10-15 minutes. "The bus takes around 20-25
minutes" The only thing with the bus stop at Eight Mile Plains is that you need to be there early say before 7.10 to get a park in the first area and the I guess by 8.30 - 9.00 to get a park in the second parking area across the road. I am never that late so I am not sure..

To drive to the and from city, during the peak hours can take up to around
30-35 minutes or longer depending on departure time. We leave home at 6.30am and get into the city around 7.00am, but we also have two people in the car and can use the T2 lane for part of the journey, sometimes this can make a difference and other times none.

The traffic along Logan Rd to and from Kuraby around the Padstow and Miles
Platting Rd intersection can be very slow and lots of it. So it can take
a while to get through that area, which slows up the journey.

Other times of the day and on weekends the traffic is not to bad and a trip
to the city can take around 20 minutes. Sometime is takes longer to get
on to the freeway than it takes along the freeway.
I'm in the W/Burbs of brisbane, you take the train or bus to the CBD its about 20-30 as well

So probably question is more if you have to drive in or not.

I usually just park at Toowong and then jump on the train and its @10 minutes then