How did you find your mortgage broker?

A good broker if often an essential factor in building your portfolio. I’m curious to know how those on SS found their brokers (or had their brokers find them)? Was it via referral from friends/family? Online? Have you stuck with the same broker since you begun investing?


I have found my MB's through referrals from other investors and investment services.

Over the years I have used the services of 7 different brokers from across the country for a mix of 13 LOC's & IP loans.
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I came to somersoft forum with 3 IP's under the belt, seeking knowledge/understanding on how to best proceed further, (financing/structural-strategy wise) into acquiring more IP's...fate reconnected me with a schoolmate's sister, (here), and was emailing her, talking about how I was thinking/working up courage to talk to one of the mortgage brokers here, from the forum. Friend said go for it!

So, I met my MB here! Her knowledge, work and assistance (for me), has been gold. 7 purchases later, further 4 tangible IP's up and running, and potential to build 10 more....somersoft rocks, fate has been kind, great to reconnect with some folks from the past and meet my MB. It's been, (and is), a wonderful, amazing, learning/doing experience...she is such a vital part of our team...the Facilitator of Finance. And more.:)

Life is very, very good to us.
I found mine through browsing somersoft and I had emailed a couple through from the sites and the one I chose was because he seemed the most honest and quickest to reply. His advice has always been valuable to me and I a very happy with my broker. The only downfall for me at the time was he is in another state, but that has proven to not be an issue at all, as technology brings people closer
Just by a happy coincidence, met mine through the RE Agent of a property I was purchasing. Chris is our third broker and put simply, he made things happen that others couldn't...:D
While working for Westpac I first went through staff lending to purchase the fist IP, after the 2nd I got a contact from my accountant and used him.

He was great and I picked up heaps of tips.

I never meet him in person and to this day have not.

All paperwork was done via fax and phone.