How do I find out the result of an auction?

does anyone know how to find out how much a property sold for at an auction?

I was interested in finding out the result of an auction yesterday (10/11/09), called the agent and she said "sold under the hummer for an undisclosed price"!! is this the normal practice? do I have to wait until settlement to find out the price!!??
Good question. :D

We had an auction in our street that I missed.

I called the agent and kindly asked what it sold for, I got a "Nah, we cant tell you that !!!". After I asked even more kindly the agent came out with a "We got a "high 2" for it". Then I reply "I much appreciate the information, are we talking 70's, 80's?" (in my mind knowing it would get about a 290k+, he replies with "Nah, nah... We got a 90!!!" Seems he was quite proud of the final figure they achieved.

There are always ways to get the price ;)