How do I Get started?

Dear readers,

This is a portion of the "original forum" that was massaged by Mike (an early poster) to provide a forum where new posters could glean the basics quickly. Mike chose some of the best posts from the Original Forum (which started ~Sep 1999) to include in this mini archive.

Mike called this the "Apprentice Millionaire" forum - and he went looking for useful threads that brought things together for newer investors.

His massaging led to several threads with the SAME NAME - like "Getting Started", "Home Issues", "Finance", etc. so don't be concerned if there seem to be MANY posts with the same name.

As this is an ARCHIVE, there are a few rules, and points to be considered:-

1. The posts can not be replied to. Any questions you have should be addressed in the "Property Investment - General" forum. Please provide a link if referring to THIS forum.

2. The data herein is several years old - as such, laws might have changed, so please be mindful of this, and refer any thoughts to your favourite adviser before acting upon any information found within.

3. Many of the posters are no longer with us. As such, it would be difficult to ask questions of such people in "Property Investment - General" forum. Be mindful of this to prevent confusion.

4. To assist others, if you find a post worthy of others inspection, please assist by using the "Rate Thread" feature. There are ways to discover the best rated threads (where 3 or more people have taken the time to Rate the thread). This shows up with Stars in the top right corner of the most popular threads.

5. The dates of the threads are those dates that Mike entered them into the Apprentice Millionaire forum (back in the Web-board days). Usually between 2001 and 2002. But WITHIN the threads, the ACTUAL dates show in American format (e.g. the very first post in "Getting Started" shows as Date: 9/14/99 which is 14th Sep 1999).

Most threads will show "Mike" as the poster for the same reason (Apprentice Millionaire forum). However, within each thread, the actual names will become apparent (some still with us, and some not).

6. This forum has many worthwhile posts that are (likely) still relevant today. But DO keep in mind that things change over time:-
a. Thoughts espoused by individuals may have been made as newer investors - thus, comments made in their "earlier days" likely don't reflect their current views, and may have been made in some ignorance (in the nicest possible way).
b. Laws may well have changed between now and then - so be careful, and check it out with your favourite adviser.

7. At times, the ordering of the posts may seem a little strange. This is because the Original Forum was what I think of as "octopus-threaded" (where people could reply to a specific user in a thread, and, in this way, a thread could have "several arms"). Mike has done a sterling job in piecing them together - no doubt hugely time-consuming - and we are forever thankful for the effort he put in. His effort has made this mini-forum very readable in most cases.

One HUGE benefit of this forum is (in my belief) that it contains information that is relevant to newer investors. The threads are grouped in order to address many of the "first questions" that most investors ask.

So, take some time to cruise through this forum, and, if you have questions, do feel free to ask them in the "Property Investment - General" forum.

At worst, you'll get some good insights into several of your early questions. At best you'll be well along the way and might need very little more to "get started".

Whichever, you are always welcome here on Somersoft. So come join us and ask away in the "Property Investment - General" forum,


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