How do we finance our car purchase?

We have driven our 2001 Corolla to its end and need a new car imminently. Kids have grown and to fit them all will need a 7 seater.
Hoping for under $20k but mor like 25-$30k as we spent so much on repairs that a old car is sometimes a false economy. So ideas please on how to finance it are welcome!! We see so far:

1. car finance at a car yard at 8.5% for seven years not likely!! Plus no use if buying from a private seller.
2. Equity loan from ip
3. Cash but we don't have enough cash plus we want to keep a cash buffer for our property so we do not want to use that on the car.

Any other ideas? We don't have much equity coz we only just bought.

Why don't you make a call to a finance company, I always have found they have a lower real interest rate than a car dealer and the rates are low at the moment.