How do you decide which PM?

When buying in a new area how do you choose which PM to use?

I have rung a few.

Costs vary from 7.7-8.8 but I know there is more to it than the cost.
I've asked advertising, relet fees etc.

One agent has a few rentals. Another has 3.
One doesn't charge advertising. I didn't think to ask that until he mentioned it. But his ads aren't the best on One photo, very little description.

Anything else I should ask?
Too many landlords choose property managers on fees alone. This is very short sighted. A good, thorough and competent rental agent will save you money on your investment by only renting your property to good, reliable tenants, performing regular property inspections and ensuring regular rental increases so you maximise your properties rental yield.

Of course have a look at the fee structure, but remember quality service is the key.