How do you hang your toilet roll? Paper facing in or out?

How do you hang your toilet roll? Paper facing in or out?

  • Paper hangs over (in front) of the roll

    Votes: 62 83.8%
  • Paper hangs under (behind) the roll

    Votes: 12 16.2%

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In a similar note to the eating habits and pegging clothes threads, how do you hang your toilet roll?

Despite being an apparently trivial topic many people hold strong opinions on the matter. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference however in a recent survey of consumers, 72% of respondents prefer over. Let's see if Somersoft posters provide a similar response :D


I actually used to be indifferent to it. For 6 years though since I've lived with the missus I can't stand option 2 as it just makes little sense from a practical perspective.
Definitely over.

Travelled with hubby with his work and stayed in many 5 star hotels. This is always how it is done by them.

Good enough for them is good enough for me!!

And if you want the whole 5 star experience, fold the end into a little triangle!
Definitely over.
And if you want the whole 5 star experience, fold the end into a little triangle!

Here's a guide for anyone wondering how to do the same at home:


Here's a fancy design for those with a lot of time on their hands:



This one has the gold seal:


The folding is a nice touch for a hotel but you would have serious concerns for anyone that did that at home.
How about for an open house?

You would need to do matching florette towelling on the beds and in the bathroom for that to work.

You'd also need to remember to keep the OCD pills out of view in the bathroom cabinet in case it created the wrong impression.
Not needed...

Mine doesn't stink and it comes in cellophane wrappers;)

Here's an alternative that will leave you fresh as a daisy

Things here really have gone to **** :D

Personally - I dont remember the last time I changed a roll of paper.
I guess thats what happens when you spend your life in serviced houses or hotels (and plus, I am a man - its not our job :p)

Would it concern you if the paper was hung "the wrong way"

I think if I went to anyones house and found the corners of the paper "dog eared" I would have serious concerns about my friends mental state. Surely you have better things to do with your time.

I'm afraid this is one of my bugbears. I have rellies staying with me at the moment and the male half persists in changing it to under rolling. :mad: The other day he and I swapped it back and forth 4 times each! :eek: I felt petty doing it but couldn't deny that it was annoying me - it obviously annoyed him too, but hey! it's my house and I want the toilet paper hanging my way! I decided to have a chat about it with him but got side tracked for the next 2 days, but I then noticed it didn't get changed in those 2 days so I think he's got the message following our tennis match with it the other day. :D
I was once told that you hang it 'over' in case on first pass you happen to pick up a bit of "excess baggage" on your hand/fingers you're less likely to leave it on the wall as you go for your next few sheets....