How do you keep track of properties

Just wondering how you keep track of properties to look at, ones on the net you want to keep an eye on etc.

I have a book and I write down number, description, agents number etc but it gets messy. Sometimes I look at what I've written and can't remember which house it was. It wastes time too.

Does anyone have a system/sheet layout? that makes it easier to keep track.

Or am I making too much work. Should I be better at determining what's worth looking at without looking at lots? My knowledge of the areas I'm looking at is increasing so that's one good thing. I did waste months jumping from different suburbs and not being able to make a commitment due to confusion.

Sometimes I ask my hubby to ring agents while I'm at work but I have to interpret my scribble for him.:eek:

Any help/advice welcome.
Yeah, there is an easy system. Just add the property to shortlist "add to shortlist" on domain or, or print the ad out?
Remove the property from the shortlist if it's sold.
The properties on the net I’m interested in looking at I immediately note the opening time in my diary along with the address and asking price.

Properties in the real estate section of the paper that I’m interested in looking at, I note a few basic details on the front page of the real estate section including the page number so I’m not constantly flicking back through trying to find it again. I also note the opening time(s), address and asking price.

If I’m really interested, I’ll also create a folder on the PC with details about the property. I’ll usually save the ad from the real estate web site in the folder. I’ll create a word document and write things like what improvements need to be done and note if the asking price has changed.

Initially, I think you’d be best to look at lots. You’ll eventually narrow down the areas you’re really interested in.
I just save the website link as a favourite.

Periodically, I check if they have sold or not and update the links. Simple, it works and easy access to the info for me.
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