How does purchase a house used for holiday accommodation work out?

Best streets in Christies Beach?

Hi, does anyone have knowledge of best streets in Christies Beach?Or any info where to get a good ip there? cheers
Hi Danel,
Best street for views - Esplanade
Best street for take away - Beach Rd
Best street to take your caravan -Sydney Cres
Best street to invest in for capital growth - Sorryistillwantmoreofthat Street:)

Bushy, the esplanade is very expensive, what about the other ones, quiet, near to beach street and not too far to the beach? Do you think Christies Beach is on the rise? Cheers
it can be really lucrative, I can't believe what people are paying in dunsborough over summer ($5k a week) and IPs can see 10% in typically high cap growth areas (except the last few shockers)