How long is a piece of string?

Cryptic. Do you mean 80%? How do you dodge the valuer?

This generally works with lower purchase prices.

Only a handful lenders do this and there is no hard and fast rule. ME Bank, ANZ, Westpac and St George are all lenders that "may" do this depending on the location, price, etc of the property.

Yea Westpac at 80% LVR of purchase price (not land vale)
No valuer as they used the contract as val. It was structurally damaged (which I repaired during the settlement period)
Have you thought of looking at the Central Coast. It's closer than the property I think you're interested in, there are some cheaper places, and it's on the rail line.

Also, if it is the property I think it might be, have you had a look at the next cheapest one? It's liveable as is, and it's in an area that appears nice.