How Soon Can You Paint Plaster Repairs?

Hi Guys,

Not sure if many of you have been tracking my water damage issues over in the Buying/Selling forum, however, the plasterer is coming tomorrow to repair the dodgy plaster work.

The agent said that the painter will be coming on the same day in the afternoon to paint.

I'm just wondering how quickly you are able to paint fresh plaster? I don't want them to botch the job a 2nd time! :(

I've read that it varies but could be weeks before paint can be applied! Is this correct?

Any info appreciated...
Painting same day sounds, as they used to say on Minder, "a bit previous".
It will depend how thick it is. Some areas may be thicker than others and you will see dark patches where this is the case. If they try to sand the damp patches, it will make a mess of the plastering job.
Weather and humidity are factors, too in terms of the drying time.
Once the plaster is dry enough to sand, you can paint it, they should be able to repair your job in the morning and paint the same afternoon.:)
Depends if it is real plaster or just top coat like they use on gyprock. Proper plaster can be set completely in about an hour, 2 on a damp day - it is a chemical reaction that makes it dry, not evaporation. It will set underwater. The reaction is 'exothermic' - if you feel it as it dries, it is warm. Ordinary gyprock top coat dries by evaporation so it will vary depending on the weather, humidity etc.

Basically, if it is solid wall plaster repairs, same day paint is fine. If it is plasterboard repairs, once is dry enough to sand is fine. You don't usually sand proper plaster, you trowel it flat. The stuff is hell to sand, tried it once, never again lol

Last year I did a full reno @ a place which was sub zero degrees, and it took forever to dry. What i ended up doing was getting heat guns and heat lights to warm the walls up (they were kicked in peices which i was too lazy to resheet)

If i ever needed to bodge a job and paint within 5 minuites id use a heat gun for small jobs.

Yes it does crack but you repair the cracks whilst drying.

Whilst I am not a tradie I am sure that they have their tricks to work fast.
I would personally not schedule them for the same day, giving you an opportunity to check whether the plaster (stopping or top coat, whatever they use) is ready to sand and therefore paint.

Wishing you every success,
Ana Stankovic