How to choose a agent

I am in a process of choosing an agent to sell the dwelling I am building.

What are the most important factors to watch for?

Is it Company, person, advertising strategies, commission, open home rules or any other ?

Where should I set my selling price? When I ask them the market value, they seems to be telling me lower than what I think is appropriate in todays market?

Your help is much appreciated...
Also check out some buyers agents Vendor Advocacy services - very popular in Vic and a good way to find out the "cream of the crop" selling agents in a particular area. As BA's we do really experience all levels of real estate service and are generally the best people to ask when it comes time to selling.
Try Warwick Brooke from Domain Property Advocates. They're a REBAA member and should be able to help. Best of luck

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Thank you for your response.

I will contact the associated authority and see what comes up...

I am meeting one this saturday for a review. The reason I am meeting this guy is because of his performance in an Auction I went to. He was pretty good, there were a good gathering and there were more than 2 in the bidding process.

He sold almost 20-30k above reserve in 2008.
Hi ChandraOjha, we have the same dilemma. And your thread enlightened some questions about finding an agent to assist me. Thank you to you and all who responded.