How to do a search on Trusts?

How do you conduct a search to see who owns a Trust?

This not a bare trust or some other exotic, it appears to be a PIT, but we are assuming the search process would be the same anyhow:confused:
You can't, trusts are completely secret. When you set up a trust (in Vic) all that happens is that the State Revenue Office stamp the front page of the trust document. They don't take a record of things like the Settlor or Appointer's name, who the Trustee is, etc. You just pay your $200, in cash if you like, and you're away.

The ATO will have a record of who the trustee is, required when applying for a TFN, but they ain't going to tell you...unless you're another govt department or possibly an overseas tax authority.

If the trust owns a property with a mortgage then the bank will also have full details of the trust, but again they aren't going to release that to anyone.
Find out who the Trustee is first. 95% will be a pty ltd then pay abr or one of the search companies to do a directors search.
But don't forget that the appointer is the 'owner' of the trust, not the trustee. The trustee can be changed by the appointer at any time.
Some states require that a copy of the trust deed be supplied to the land titles office. so if you can find a some property owned by the trust you may be able to do a title search and come up with other registered documents - maybe.

Also if you can get a copy of the title you can see who the trustee is.