How to find the real SOLD price?


is there a way to find out the real/genuine/official price that a property sold at recently?
For eg if one of the popular real estate web sites says that unit 1/1 sold for 500K 3/4 months ago - how do I verify that??

All suggestions welcome as long as I can get to the REAL genuine price it settled at!

THANKS a million!!
Only from land titles department data which is then onsold to data collection agencies like RP Data, PDS Live (pricefinder), and others. It takes 2 - 3 months for the data to filter through.
I have generally found most agents if you ask the question in the right way, will give you an honest answer. ie I am looking to purchase a [insert property type here] and was wanting to get an idea of prices and saw you recently sold [insert property address here] and was wondering how much it sold for? You can then ask if they have anything similar or if they are a good agent, they will tend to say they either have something similar or might be in the process of getting another similar listing. Keep on them on your good side, yoy'll never know when you might need them in the future.

Recently, I had asked one agent for a very recent auction result, but they could not disclose the amount but said it was between $750-800k. That was enough for me, I didn't need to know the exact price, as I had a number of other comps, so this was sufficient. has the 'real' prices in the area when you get the details on a particular property.

They are all over the place here, one sold for $100k *under* the asking price while some idiot paid more than $50k *over* for the house diagonally behind mine. The listing price is a dreadful indicator here.

The other house diagonally behind mine sold a few weeks ago listed for $255k, given we paid $65k for ours and its equal sized land with 1 more bedroom I'm still waiting for the result on that one :)
Thanks for your feedback. is advertising a suburd sales history report for $10, includes 12 months history. has an SMS service where u can sms them the address and they send u the price it sold for.
What do people think of these 2 methods?