How to study for my Dip of Hort?

Hi All,

Some of you might remember, i started my Dip of Hort this year, back to school after 25 years :eek:

I am having trouble studying, well, more to the point, its just not sinking in.

We have been going for 6 weeks, each week, we learn 10 new plants. We have a test coming up, the first week back at school.

The first two weeks plants have nearly "sunk in" but the more recent ones, i just can't remember them. I'm sure i have trouble remembering things short term.

So I have been hiding the names, looking at the pictures and trying to remember them, writing them down...............

Any other hints on how to get the grey matter working?


So I have been hiding the names, looking at the pictures and trying to remember them, writing them down...............

Any other hints on how to get the grey matter working?




I nearly topped my class in Hort when I studied the subject over 25 yrs ago. If you have a strong passion for the subject you will succeed. If it becomes a matter of parrot memory by looking at pics - you can expect mediocre results. Get out on your bike and find the specimens growing in the field. Go to nurseries, garden shows, open gardens, etc.
I had an advantage - I started a gardening business as I was studying. You can't beat practical knowledge accompanying the theory. :D

I remember most of the class struggling with the botanical names. Particularly the ones who were not working in the field. ;)
My husband put up quite a few lists of about 50 each in the toilet, to go through each time he went. He also did Latin at school, so the task at best, didn't scare him.

Perhaps you should try that. Two decades later he still rambles off plants by their proper name, and many of those are not Lanscaping plants :confused:.
I was going to suggest pinning them up in the toilet.

A few in the car, more on the dressing table mirror etc.

You get the message.

Get your family to quiz you.

It is hard to change the way your brain works. I have trouble remembering short term stuff - always have, despite having a high IQ stuff just goes straight in and out unless I am really interested in it.

I always thought it was just laziness on my part but we are all wired different!
Review right before you go to sleep - use flashcards if possible.

Also if possible try and understand the names - why the various Latin words have been strung together to create that specific one.
Just confirmed with my husband how the toilet system works ;).

As you've learned words you take those off the list and add new ones, constantly recompiling the list.

Some plant names may stay there a while, but eventually sink in.

Hope this helps.
I agree with Rockstar... it will be easier if you can put as much as possible in a real context. I think as we get older, it becomes harder for us to remember "lists", but we can still remember stuff that is in context.

and I would also try to "learn" the latin so that you can understand the meaning of the name, which might make it easier to link it to the plant.

Good Luck!

Thanks all for your advice.

I have a gardening business and work part time in a nursery, so i am getting the hands on exposure.

Some are just not sinking in. Test is on tuesday night. Its just a test, one of many but i want to do my best.

We have 53 pants to learn and he will test us on 15 of them.....and we will also get tested on leaf shapes etc...........:eek:

If it was easy, everybody would do it :)


i always found that anything said out loud seems to have better recall ... and i remember reading somewhere that science backed this up.

you might sound silly going around chanting the names out loud, but wouldn't hurt to see if it works.

Is your teachers name Cindy?

I had a tenant break a lease here in Adelaide about 6 weeks ago because she got a job with Tafe in Melbourne teaching horticulture.