How to supply expenses to accountant after renovation?

Hi There,
Just hoping for some advice re. supplying details of our expenses after we recently renovated our investment property.

I am completely dumb when it comes to knowing whats claimable and whats not (which is why we have an accountant) but i do like to make it as easy as possible for him to see what our total expenditure has been for everything including maintenance/travel/renovations or improvements.

After the reno, we have a PILE of receipt from bunnings/ikea etc with multiple hardware items on them. Do i do a spreadsheet and itemise everything we bought and then let him work out from that whats actually claimable?

Usually id just do a spreadsheet of all our annual expenses but its messy this year with all the reciepts from the reno.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Do the spreadsheet.

As this work will be considered an improvement, the expenses won't be a direct deduction.

You will probably find that the costs of the renovation are totalled and you will claim building depreciation against this amount.
Hire a quantity surveyor. I've seen reports where the depreciable improvements were almost 3 times the actual cost of doing them.

The actual costs didn't include labour as most was done by the owner. Bunnings receipts won't reflect this component.