How would you spend your last $100?

OK….well time to get the ball rolling in here!

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and open your mind…….we’d like your thoughts!

In a book I was recently reading I came across a short story. It got me thinking. Here it is!

There is an old story about an impoverished man who found a one-dollar bill. As he looked at it, he thought to himself, “I’m thirsty and cold, I think I’ll get myself a cup of coffee”. As he was approaching the coffee shop, he thought, “When I buy my coffee, the money will be gone”. He thought about all the different things he could do with his dollar bill.
As he was pondering this, he looked down and saw a pencil on the ground, He thought, “If I buy some pencils, I could resell them and then have two dollars instead of one”. So he went into the stationary store and bought all the pencils he could afford for one dollar. Then he went out into the street and sold each of the 25 pencils for 25 cents each. He then had $6.25. He went back inside the store and bought all the pencils he could purchase for $6.25 and repeated the scenario. As the story continues, the moral is clear: You can either spend your resources or take care to use them discerningly.

So, being slightly more realistic here, say you were down to your last $100. How would YOU SPEND IT?

Lets hear some great outside the square ideas!

Ruby :)
Hi ruby

Im a man of simplistic views, so in order to answer your question, "What would you spend your last $100 on?", I will ask and answer a question of my own to the forum. Why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel and fix a machine thats not broken??
Ruby I think I would buy $100 worth of pencils and as an extra added bonus to the first 50 customers they will receive a complimentary sharpener. ;)
Hi Ruby,

I think I would watch Rixter for one week, estimate how much profit he made.

Then I would find out if he had a hawkers licence.

If he didn't, then I would tell him that I will dob him in if he doesn't give me 50% of his profits.

And the $100 ?

Beer and Pizza !

Phil :)
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Would buy a second hand playstation. Add a bunch of free pirated games with it. Then onsell it for four times the price.

Or purchase a condom vending machine and negotiate free rental at a local school under the premise of providing an additional education stream.

Or buy an engraving kit and sell personalised pens (customised name and/or message engraved on the pen) and resell for 5-10 times the price.

Download commercial movies for free off the net, burn them to CD's and resell them at flea markets for DVD players etc.

Visit an auction. Choose a closeout product you have market knowledge in. Value add it by shrinkwrapping or gift packaging it and selling it either to a specialised retail store as an exclusive bargain or taking it to a flea market. up capital and then put it into other longer term investments.

Just a couple of ideas for starters.


I would properly place a $20 ad in the paper to rent my spare room out for $100 a week, including elec.

I'll properly need something to take people's details down. Better duck down to the shops and grab one of those $6.25 pencils that come with a complimentary sharpener, i do hope someone has a package deal that includes a notepad also ;)

Hiya Ruby!

To be honest, if I was down to my last $100 I would give it away too.

Something else to ponder perhaps?

Have fun

I know what my 12yo daughter would do. What she's been doing for a while.

She goes down the the shop near the school- but not too near- before school, and buys lollies. Long ones, they look like pencils (just to keep this on topic)- but are very popular at school. They cost 15c each- she resells them for 30c to 50c. She makes $1 to $4 per day profit. (Hey, it saves me giving her pocket money- haha). Her schoolmats are OK- the know the real price, and are happy to pay the price to avoid travelling to the shop in their lunch hour).

She's learnt some fundamentals about business.

Demand and supply. She bargains with people, and charges different prices

Competition. Other people have come in- but most don't have the persistence.

Prices. When the competition comes in, she drops her prices. They find it not worth while- and prices go up.

Miss W is not a self confident person. But she's doing a lot with her $1- and learning some very valuable lessons in the meantime.
Originally posted by DaleGG
Hiya Ruby!

To be honest, if I was down to my last $100 I would give it away too.

Something else to ponder perhaps?

Have fun

Ahhhh, very interesting thought Dale and something worth pondering!

So are we looking a the law of the universe ‘You get back what you give’ or ‘What we sow, we reap’?

Hmmm, by changing the question from ‘What can I get?’ to ‘What can I contribute?’ virtually every aspect of your life will change for the better.

Very thought provoking Dale – even if you didn’t mean it to be! :p

Ruby :)

Its a little off topic, however if you are down to you last $100 and everything is closing in fast, I would probably adopt the standout recommendation in "HOW TO AVOID DEBTS" by "Keith B White" where when everything is going down the tubes , however you still have credit card in hand ........

quote"..........In the ensuing court battles I retained my sense of humour and my stylish approach to life. (They can't take your clothes, so a little suggestion here - if you're going down the tubes, spend up large on good gear, it impresses everybody and it cannot be taken from you under any circumstances. You should always be well dressed when in Court or addressing official groups. I have found it always gives everything you say an added touch of authority.)............. unquote".

Like it or not, appearances do count so if you are going down, do yourself a favour and at least good while you're at it !


Joe :)
School Pencils

When I was in school I bought rubics cubes from the $2 store and sold them to kids for twice the price.

It was a snobby school and nobody would travel out to the suburbs where stuff was cheaper. :)

Now I would probably buy antique jewellery on ebay and sell it at Lawsons antique auctions.

But wait... I already do that!!

Hi peoples,

I'm not sure where I read it but the basic idea was to double your money on things you buy and then sell. ie buy a pen for $2 sell for $ a film for $4 sell for $8 etc etc. I guess if I had $100 I'd look for something to buy that could be sold for $200....then something to be sold for $400 etc. Gets a lot harder as the prices increase but still possible?

I would want to invest it, give it to charity, buy something I always wanted but would probably spend it on crap :):)
I'd hit the streets, find a deal with a 12 month exit strategy and spend the $100 advertising for private investors offering a 15% return.

I figure if I was down to that kind of money, I'd have the time to put that sort of deal together.
G'day All

I'd go and buy a Doonah.

I'd imagine it gets fairly cold at nights sleeping on park benches.

Hopefully there be a few dollars left over for a big bottle of cheap port.

Depends on how long I have to live...

If it's the last 2 hours of my life, then forget about investing that $100, I will spend it on a nice dinner and make sure that I die with my stomach full!!


Doesn't anyone eat chocolate anymore. Eat chocolate and tomorrow will look after itself. Hopefully if you are down to your last $100 it is because you invested everything else you had so now is time to celebrate.

:D :p
Originally posted by DaleGG
Hiya Ruby!

To be honest, if I was down to my last $100 I would give it away too.

Something else to ponder perhaps?

Have fun



What an inspiring wealth consciousness, to give away your last $100!

Here's another question:
What if you were down to your last $10 000, what would you do?