HTW Feb Report is out.

Picking the hits for 2010.

Cute commentary of 2009 Going into ’09,

"the population as whole, bubble wrapped itself in horrified anticipation of the
Armageddon which was destined to befall us all. But it seems the four horseman of the economic apocalypse turned out to be a couple of boy scouts on pool ponies. The dreaded tsunami of bad U.S. debt that was to wash over our shores and leave us floundering caused barely a ripple for many. Our strong national economy, some fortunate resource demands and stimulus from the federal government all seemed to dampen the enthusiasm of the pessimists. There was some pain, sure, but it was more papercut than pulverisation you must admit.

and now to 2010

"Fortunately for you dear reader, Herron Todd White is going to give you some good oil to help lubricate the bearings of your property portfolio machine. As an independent observer of the market we have slain self interest and are ready to tell you the truth about how this year will likely
pan out."

Shucks what nice guys.

Thanks Jane......I used to be the first to post these HTW reports but for the past few months Ive been pipped at the post - I must be slipping. :eek:

Ah well there's always next month! ;) a nice guy too :D