HTW Month in Review - October

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Herron Todd White have published their October review:

HTW October

Feature - Tell It Like It Is! This Year's Underperformers.

HTW said:
There are plenty of folks out there full of sweetness and light, tip-toeing their way merrily through the tulips of the property market oblivious to the bindis and bee stings sitting ominously underfoot. These are the type of people who operate in an environment where it’s all upside and they are more than happy to let you in on the sunshine. Now often this kind of white robed prophet is working an agenda of some kind with the end result normally enhancing their position, but frankly that’s generally a fool’s game heading to heartache. As we all should know, the real world isn’t always win-win so it’s about time Stephen R. Covey got back in his box and we let you in on a little secret...

… there have been some underperformers in the property market this year.

Can't believe another month has passed...thought I had just posted the HTW September link.
Can you believe its October already? 2009 is almost history. I must be getting old as it feels like it should still be March or April...