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From: Chris Legg

About this time last year there were a number of postings about the strange attitude of friends and relatives about IP adventures.

The original postings can be found in the archive Getting Started dated 5th July 2001 the one with 19 postings.

I was wondering as we seem to be approaching
the top of the boom in Sydney and Melbourne
and another year of real estate publicity has been promulgated whether,

this attitude has changed at all


has any one had friends or relatives ask how it done

Lifes a beach at Caves

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From: Miakat .

Great topic Chris...I remember there being a lot of discussion on this one last year.

Yep...we have seen a remarkable change in attitude from our family and friends lately. Our friends are becoming first home owners in droves. My sceptical mother has now purchased an investment property (against my advise mind you). My hubby's younger sister is also considering buying a property and his side of the family was even more sceptical about the property thing than mine.

Everyone, now wants to talk to me about property investing, whereas a year ago it was a taboo topic and everyone thought I was mad. Boy do times change.

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From: Les .

G'day Miakat,

Don't they say (re the stockmarket) "When Taxi drivers and lift boys give you tips on which stocks to buy, it's TOO HOT - sell all you've got".

Is this the way RE has become in your area? Sydney? Melbourne? Maybe your Mum has been in a cab recently?

And you advised against her buying - but then, what would you know (you don't drive a cab, do you!!!) ;^)

I guess all you can do is continue to lead from the front, and help Mum when needed. Eventually, we all learn ....



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Sim' Hampel

On 11/2/01 7:47:00 PM, Les . wrote:
>Don't they say (re the
>stockmarket) "When Taxi
>drivers and lift boys give you
>tips on which stocks to buy,
>it's TOO HOT - sell all you've

Funny that, I never really pay attention to cab drivers, but I noticed last year that they would all ask me about the IT industry (noting where I was working and what I was carrying)... seems we have a heck of a lot of CNE and MCSE qualified cabbies in this city ! Bet they're still driving cabs now that the industry has slowed somewhat.

Haven't had any talk to me about property yet this year, but I don't catch as many cabs as I used to.

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