I need a Brisbane (within 1 hour) accountant

Hi, can anyone please let me know of great accountants who personally own a property portfolio; I have been searching for an accountant who will do the work his/herself (not pass the job onto a junior) as I have 6 investment properties purchased over the past 14 months (two not settling till 2011); I have professional depreciation schedules for all completed dwellings and have kept excellent records; please advise of an accountant that is reasonably priced and meets the criteria shared - many thanks to you all:):
Could have helped you all the way until you stated you need the Accountant to do the work himself and not pass it to a Junior.

I have a few more than 6 IP's and a very good mate who is a partner is a small to medium firm but regretfully even with my number he doesnt do it himself (which is probably good otherwise the bill would be a lot higher).

To be honest if you find an Accountant who actually does the donkey work himself i would probably be steering clear as the firm will be very small.

Thank you both Richard and Wylie

Richard, perhaps I just want too much - if who you could recommend keeps a close eye on the final outcome from the donkey work I would be okay with that - one thing I am learning is to always have an open mind to learn from others particularly those more experienced that me. Guess I feel a little nervous to 'get it right' first time with all the accounting to set the scene for a bright future - as long as a reasonable price is charged for a thorough job and I don't get ripped off with exhorbitant fees
Totally agree with Richard
Would be scary/amused if the CPA accountant does all the leg work?
I am sure that they have intern etc.. to do all the paper work.. but they DO go through the details and signed off the documents
I met a guy who had the head of a large firm prepare his return. He had 2 rentals, a job and thats it. No trusts or company. He was charged four thousand dollars.

So be careful what you wish for.
Hey if you don't count the check-in/check-out, Sydney is within 1 hour of Brisbane.

Just mentioning this because I think a good accountant is worth traveling for (My accountant is in Melbourne).

Flights/taxi/lunch is all tax-deductible if you have to go visit them.

I know someone who has an office Brisbane City if you are still interested. They are pretty cheap and affordable and mobile. If you are still interested please email me and I will dig up the number.