I have rented a property in sydney around 5 months back. There is still more than six months left in the completion of lease. The problem is that the conditions in the apartment have become really bad ever since we have moved in.
The major one is of Pests which we discovered after shifting in here. No treatment is helping this problem out.Of late there has been some serious water leakage from bathroom which is entering in the bedroom.
It has become very difficult to continue in here. Does the lease clauses changes in this scenario if we want to break it.
Life has become really uncomfortable.
please advice.
What information have you provided to the PM's, and what as been there response?

Make sure you keep a diary of every conversation, keep a rec0ord of all letters you send, and take lots of photos.

In most leases, if you want to break them, you need to keep paying rent and also for advertising until a new tenants is found.

The Y-man
If you have valid reasons for not being able to live in a 'liveable' or 'habitable' dwelling, then I am sure you can break the lease.

If the property is considered unsafe due to such problems, then this would also work in your favour.

Obviously, the guys above comments stand, and give you more ammunition when making your statement.

Let us know how you get on.


I have been informing the agent about all the problems.

It is a one bed room room and a small baby who we think is getting sick - vommits often. We think it could be because of the cockroaches or the pesticides we are using to kill the roaches.
I agree with:

"Google tenants advocacy service - they will be able to help you out (it is a free service). "


"small baby who we think is getting sick - vommits often. We think it could be because of the cockroaches or the pesticides we are using to kill the roaches."

:confused: Please make sure you look into this urgently, health is first and foremost - seek medical attention asap if you haven't already done so!
small baby who we think is getting sick

Home Run !!!! Lay down misere. Royal Flush....all rolled into one.

Cashflows / capital gains / equity withdrawals....all straight out the window.

Your Landlord is pooched.

No need for the heavy hitting Tenancy Advocates who smash normal Landlord's for six.

Just walk out after sitting there for 8 weeks of not paying anything, leave your rubbish everywhere and kick the door in as you leave for the last time. They won't be able to do a thing.

You win handsomely. :)
yeh just tell them the lease is now terminated because of x, y and z. don't pay rent for 4 weeks then vacate, leaving the palce nice and tidy and clean.

NB: dazz beat me to it, but yes the LL is pooch!! (they always are)
Please ignore the nonsense in this thread the harsh reality is,

Once you sign a lease your stuffed.

Unless you serve a notice to Landlord which gives him or her 14 days to fix the issue 3 times in a row you are unable to break the lease without cost.

This government and Banking system are all in the same whorehouse when it comes to protecting the income streams generated by Australia's largest ever housing Ponzi scheme.

The various advocacy groups really don't do a lot and when it comes to things like who is responsible for keeping gutters clean, they have no idea who should do it. It's like some big mystery to them like the Law is something so deep dark and mysterious that making a binding decision must go to the almighty VCAT for their wisdom to shine upon the serfs who are enslaved in the system.

If you can squat you're much better off!