I went to Question Time the other day

I was in Canberra - Count Wealth annual conference - and I had an afternoon to kill.
A mate of mine works for a minister and I play tennis with them both occasionally so I called to see if I could get a reserved seat. There is public seating, but I'm glad I made that call - the queue was huge. With a pass, I jumped the queue. And I got to sit in the Speaker's Gallery, which is the best vantage point.
I really enjoyed it - great theatre. I've seen a bit of Question Time on the telly, but seeing it live makes you realise how completely incidental it is to to government. It's all for the TV cameras and the press gallery.
If any of you go to Canberra, make sure it's when parliament is sitting. Call your local member's office before you go and ask if you can get a seat to the Speaker's Gallery.
We were in Canberra a few years ago and hubby has a relative who is a senator and got us in to Question Time.

I was amazed how funny Peter Costello was - he was a real hoot and nothing like the wooden character shown on TV.