Idle Timeout

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone else has issues with the Idle timeout for the Login.
Must be set to 5/10 minutes as I always seem to get logged out when browsing.



Okay - I will look into this later today when I get some time.

In the meantime, can you try deleting all your cookies to make sure there are no corrupt cookies causing problems?

Go to: ... select all of them and then click the "Delete My Cookies" button. This only affects cookies for this site and has no impact on other sites you visit.
Okay, try again now.

Note that deleting cookies will log you out of the forum - you'll need to log in again.
OK, no problem deleting cookies and logging back in again. Will let you know if I keep getting logged out again.

Thanks, Simon. :)
I'm still getting logged out on my iPhone. I did try the fixes you suggested a while Sim, but nothing worked. I can cope with logging in though, and only commenting now because it has been brought up by others.

I don't seem to get logged out on my mac.