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From: Sim' Hampel


Who needs tele-evangelists anymore to give people a sense of hope ? Just hand over a blank cheque and wait for the euphoria to hit. No more having to sit through sermons before handing over your money... the seminar gurus provide entertainment without the stigma of religion attached.

The people are so hungry, so desperate, but so incredibly naieve and so greedy.

The worst part is that the frenzy of fanatical fervour muddies the water and casts suspicion over some of the true gurus who have won their knowledge through experience and hard work and have a formula which is not a get rich quick scheme, but a slow, steady and sure path to freedom.

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From: Joe D

Wasn't this guy Warren Borsje(??) doing the seminar circuit in Oz last year thru a company known as ASSET CORPORATION?
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From: Lisa (UK)

There are quite a number of seminar companies doing the rounds here in the UK - 12 months ago there wasn't one now there are loads.

Inside Track and Turning Point are the two main ones - they spend three days teaching you how to buy property off plan and get the builder to carry the deposit!!!!

They charge £7000 each!!!!!

One guy I spoke to went on the Inside Track seminar - he is already successful in property and was lured by the No Money Down hook - he has negotiated on over 250 properties since the course and not succeeded in obtaining a NMD deal yet!!

Then we have Warren and Russ Whitney too - at least their charges aren't so high!!

Then a few others who are mimicking these ideas.

I have people mail me every week telling me how they have wasted their money on these courses - I advised someone thinking of going on one to look into it very carefully on the Robert Kiyosaki forum and then received an abusive e-mail and post from one of the seminar organisers - very professional!!!

On the UK forums its all people are talking about - that and everyone jumping into property - hence the 'success' of the courses!!

Regards, Lisa.
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