i'm back

happy new year all.

i'm back and now have a fair chunk of reading to catch up on.

it was darn good to get away from internet, mobile phones and modern life for a period of time. of course i went through withdrawal symptons for the first few days, but once i settled in, the camping was fantastic and it was great to be just away from everything - and just relaxing and doing a spot of fishing,waking up to the sounds of nature, the rain and the camp fires....

but alas, i did come back to the news that 2 of my properties have suffered from leaking roofs in recent days and my poor old mum had to take the calls from the agents as i was uncontactable. oh well. a bit of insurance work to do there.

a few new years resolutions for me and surprise surprise, most involve real estate and also the great desire to be closer to my long term goal of retiring from being a wage slave by the time i turn 50.

all my plans are a moot point though as i'm going to be winning the 30 million tonight :)

anyway, good to be back and now i just have to catch up 2 weeks of reading...

where are your IP's if you don't mind sharing?

The two properties that sprung a leak are both in Dubbo. Thankfully, i didn;t go for he one in Coonamble that i was looking it last year. I think it may now have that sunken living room and outside pool addition.

BTW - anyone heard how TopCropper is going with the recent rains...

FWIW - i didn't win the 30 million.....

oh well.