I'm interviewing 2 pms. What to show them?


I'm hoping someone can help

I have 2 PM's that I'm interviewing & I'm just not sure what paperwork I should be showing them or if I should be showing them anything at all on their first visit.

I didn't want to appear like a total newbie as it might impact on getting a good deal with them (as I'm inexperienced)

I'm going to look through my documents to see the terms & agreements, past statements etc.

Can someone please help

Thanks :)

Oh and unfortunately in the job I'm doing I'm not going to be able to reply until lunch time
I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

I don't think the average PM has the discretion to negotiate special deals without either following office policy or the direction of their manager/licensee - so I don't think you need to be overly strategic in your negotiations.

I would simply ask them straight out if there was a specific rate that you wanted.
show them the property and let them do the talking

any info they require from you they will ask.

The question is, what should you be asking them.

how many properties do they manage?
how may inspections PA
arrears processes
how they deal with maintenance
what marketing do they do and to what standard
fees and charges

Good luck but you have started on the right foot by posting on this forum.

post what area you are in and other people will recommend good Pm to talk to as well.

I wish I had researched a bit more before they came over. My job is so busy I think i forgot lol.

Before I leave work I'll see if I have anything i need to print out.

Any more tips would be good :)

What is their % vacancy factor?
This will tell you if they are effective. (You don't want your flat sitting there empty!)
How many times do they go to the tribunal.
This will tell you if they are good negotiators.
How can you increase my returns?

I hope this helps!
Double check they are the PM and not the BDM (Business development manager). You want to meet the one who is managing your property.

Also ask will they be the only one managing the property or do they have assistants or split positions within the department. E.G does someone do inspections, and someone else does open homes..